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Water Supply, Wastewater & Residuals Management

Water Supply, Wastewater & Residuals Management

Water Supply, Wastewater & Residual Management

JCO engineers and scientists work together to provide our clients with safe and adequate water supplies by addressing:

  • aquifer and surface water testing and analysis
  • groundwater and surface water source assessment
  • long term sustainable groundwater yield predictions and pumping rate determination
  • water treatment facility design
  • storage, pumping, and distribution system design
  • fire protection planning and design
  • source protection planning
  • master planning and feasibility studies, and
  • water rate analysis.

JCO provides innovative and cost-effective wastewater solutions for clients that meet the stringent state and federal regulatory requirements for municipal, industrial, and commercial wastewater.

Our extensive experience in the study, design, and construction of domestic and industrial wastewater includes:

  • collection, treatment, and disposal systems
  • industrial wastewater pretreatment
  • receiving water impact analysis
  • wastewater characterization
  • treatability testing
  • in-ground disposal systems
  • effluent monitoring programs
  • sludge management programs, and
  • master planning and feasibility studies.

Wastewater Residuals Management
JCO has more than two decades of experience helping clients properly dispose of wastewater residuals from domestic sewage, dairy product plants, breweries, and other biosolids sources. Regulatory agencies and private companies use our skills to develop, permit, implement, and manage sustainable land application programs that provide a nutrient resource for soils and decrease agricultural reliance on chemical fertilizers.

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