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Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management

JCO’s engineers, biologists and hydrologists apply their significant experience to the growing demand for solutions to the impacts caused by improperly managed stormwater. We meet the challenges using computer modeling, and monitoring and analysis techniques, to develop stormwater management strategies for impaired as well as unimpaired watersheds utilizing low impact designs wherever possible.

We use hydrologic computer software to perform peak discharge and runoff calculations; water surface profile modeling; flood routing and floodplain evaluation; and storm sewer capacity determinations. Our computer model results are used to assess urban and non-point runoff, and support engineering designs for stormwater control infrastructure.

Our stormwater design services include storage and sedimentation structures, infiltration galleries, bio-retention systems, bank stabilization improvements, engineered waterways and conveyance structures.

Regulatory compliance is ensured by our preparation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for existing facilities, erosion control and sedimentation plans for construction projects, and stormwater discharge permit applications. 

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