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Solid Waste

Solid Waste

Solid Waste

JCO provides integrated design and permitting services to solid waste management districts, municipalities, and private operators. We develop solutions for solid waste management issues. Our related services include:

  • feasibility studies
  • siting and design for landfills, recycling centers, and transfer stations
  • permitting and certification of new or expanded facilities
  • volume reduction studies
  • industrial and commercial waste surveys and audits
  • hazardous waste determinations
  • landfill life expectancy analysis
  • hydrogeologic investigations
  • landfill operational procedures
  • solid waste implementation plans
  • closure plan preparation and implementation, and
  • long-term monitoring, inspection, and reporting.

Clients also benefit from our experience with siting, permitting, and management of inert waste disposal facilities as well as the management and recycling of mineral processing wastes. We provide commercial and industrial facilities with hazardous waste minimization, and waste management and disposal optimization consulting. 

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