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Soil Vapor / Indoor Air Investigations

Soil Vapor / Indoor Air Investigations

Soil Vapor/Indoor Air Investigations

JCO has designed, performed, and interpreted data from soil/sub-slab vapor and indoor air investigations in nearly a dozen regulatory jurisdictions. We offer field experience and technical expertise combined with an ongoing commitment to implementing the latest developments in the vapor intrusion field to meet our clients’ needs in this rapidly evolving field.

Awareness of vapor intrusion as an important human exposure pathway for volatile chemicals present in soil and groundwater near residential, commercial, and industrial buildings has risen in the last decade, and investigative tools and regulatory oversight have evolved rapidly. The range of methods used to collect and analyze sub-slab vapor and indoor air samples varies significantly compared to those commonly used to evaluate soil and groundwater contamination. We utilize site-specific and structure-specific vapor sampling methods to efficiently quantify and interpret potential vapor intrusion risks to human receptors at impacted sites.

In addition to evaluating potential vapor intrusion risks to indoor air, JCO has successfully used soil vapor investigation tools as a minimally-invasive and cost-effective means of identifying contaminant sources beneath industrial facilities where active use and access restrictions render conventional soil and groundwater investigations either cost-prohibitive or exceedingly challenging to implement. By reducing or eliminating the need for more costly and disruptive means of identifying contaminant sources beneath structures, we can often significantly reduce the time and cost required to attain regulatory site closure.

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