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Site Data Conceptualization


Site Data Conceptualization

Our experience with site data conceptualization dates from the mid-1980s when we assisted with the development of EPA’s policies that established conceptual models as recommended practice.

The use of conceptual site models facilitates recognition by and between our client, the regulators, public stakeholders, and us, of all issues and conditions present at a site. This shared vision promotes a common understanding of the drivers that lead to the best solution and enhances the likelihood of success.

Conceptual site models are often represented by graphical representations of site conditions, often utilizing data visualization techniques.  Graphical representations of conceptual site models make the results of field investigations and/or modeling studies understandable to regulatory agencies and public interest groups, potentially reducing costly hearings while accelerating completion of the project.

The use of a conceptual site model is a living process.  We revisit the conceptual site model throughout every step of a project, refining it as new site data become available and are interpreted. In this way, the stakeholders are able to see the evolving understanding of a Site through the course of the project.

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