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Rapid Adaptive Site Characterization

Rapid Adaptive site characterization

Rapid Adaptive Site Characterization

The Rapid Adaptive Site Characterization (RASC) approach is a cost-effective method we use to characterize contaminated subsurface and sediment sites, and assess the performance of remediation efforts. This technique, which has recently been endorsed by the EPA (as the Triad Approach), delivers cost-effective benefits including:

  • multiple sampling procedures that address variable site conditions and reduce field mobilizations
  • lower-cost, real-time field screening chemical analyses
  • the ability to use field results to modify and focus the sampling program, and
  • a reduction in the number of more expensive laboratory analyses.

Field Sampling Techniques

We minimize field mobilizations and accommodate a variety of changing field conditions by utilizing many different sampling methods for subsurface investigations such as direct-push soil coring, groundwater profiling, and rapid soil vapor point installations.

For sediment and surface water sites, we have an extensive inventory of sampling equipment, and use several proprietary, innovative sediment coring methods. We help clients deal with every sediment condition that can be encountered in the field.

On-Site Field Screening Analyses

We provide real-time, in-the-field screening analyses to identify site contaminants using state-of-the-art portable analytical instruments, including:

  • a spectrophotometer for inorganics and ephemeral parameters
  • an immunoassay analyzer for PCBs, semi-volatile organic compounds, petroleum hydrocarbons, and other similar contaminants
  • an X-ray fluorescence meter to measure metals in soils and sediments.
  • PetroFLAG™ for field screening of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in soil,
  • Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) for source area delineation, and
  • TarGOST® for determining the presence of coal tar in the subsurface.

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