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Liability Assessment

Liability Assessment

Liability Assessment

Fundamentally, Liability Assessment is about quantifying known and unknown risks associated with contaminated sites so owners can effectively manage these liabilities. The primary goal of the process is to reduce uncertainly around these liabilities to a level where clients can make effective decisions regarding the ultimate disposition of the liabilities. There are two fundamental and critical steps to effective Liability Assessment. First, the entirety of environmental damage must be defined and quantified; and second, the damage must be assigned to various parties based on past practices, contribution, and responsibility. Knowing is always better than not knowing and JCO experts will leverage 30 years of experience and identify and quantify the environmental risks.
Our in-house financial experts translate technical assessments into cost data forecasts including cash flow projections, and present value comparisons of alternatives. JCO applies these multi-disciplinary technical and financial skills to help and support clients with

  • quantifying environmental risk/reserves for long tem financial planning including annual reporting purposes
  • quantifying environmental risk during bankruptcy proceedings
  • negotiations for purchase and sale of large publicly-traded, or privately owned companies with significant environmental liability
  • evaluation and selection of environmental insurance

Proof of Expertise: Completed Projects and Successes

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Liability Assessment