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Jon Ordway, P.E.

Mr. Ordway has over 25 years of engineering consulting experience serving private and public sector clients. He has completed projects in multiple states, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, and the Peoples Republic of China. Mr. Ordway’s primary focus is to provide strategic advice and engineering support for the management of environmental liabilities linked to contaminated property. He has experience working within multiple government jurisdictions including the US Federal Government CERCLA and RCRA programs. Mr. Ordway’s remedial investigation and engineering experience has involved properties affected by chlorinated solvents, petroleum, metals, and PCBs. He has lead multiple projects involving the characterization of hydrogeologic and environmental conditions in complex multi-layered “overburden” aquifers and fractured bedrock. Mr. Ordway’s educational background includes groundwater engineering and modeling associated with contaminant transport and fate. He has lead the implementation of remedial programs involving in-situ thermal treatment, hydraulic containment, monitored natural attenuation, enhanced biochemical remediation, and soil vapor extraction.

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