Joining Forces VHB + The Johnson Company
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National reach from the Northeast

Our experts leverage expertise and experience to understand, evaluate and resolve complex environmental issues.  Our technical expertise, responsiveness, tenacity and creativity is unmatched and leads to successful outcomes for our clients.

We use our advanced tools and field-tested knowledge to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that comply with all regulatory requirements while creating added value for local, national and international clients.

JCO’s corporate culture is oriented around providing the best technical services and being as responsive as possible to clients’ needs. As a result, JCO has a long record of satisfied clients which results in our high rate of return business and which explains our reputation as one of the best small firms in our business. The many letters of commendation and awards we’ve received attest to our emphasis on quality and responsiveness. The General Services Administration (GSA), as part of their performance review of past client satisfaction, rated JCO as “exceptional”.

Our nimble team blends technical expertise with ideas and solutions that solve the most challenging problems. We have the perfect amount of people power to effectively share ideas, collaborate and impeccably serve every client.