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Geological, Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigations

Geological, Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigations

Geological, Geotechnical & Geophysical Investigations

JCO’s geologists provide detailed geologic interpretations to assist with water supply development, groundwater investigations, remediation design, and development projects. Field measurements, aerial photograph interpretation, stratigraphic profiles, depositional and post-depositional history, and/or mapping of lineaments and preferential pathways in fractured rock and karst are common features of most geological evaluations.

Geotechnical measurements of sediments, including load bearing capacity and sediment strength, provide the basis for analysis of sediment slope stability, consolidation from loading, and erosion potential. The results are used to evaluate the feasibility of remedial alternatives for contaminated sediment sites such as dredging and sub-aqueous capping.

Geophysical investigations at numerous project sites are done to:

  • facilitate the placement and assess monitoring recovery and production wells
  • provide stratigraphic interpretation
  • identify and locate underground structures
  • assess the presence of preferential migration pathways and
  • assist in contaminant source and plume mapping.

Common geophysical techniques we employ include electrical resistivity, seismic refraction and reflection, very low frequency mapping, ground penetrating radar, magnetic conductivity, and a variety of borehole geophysics.

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Overseas Subsurface Investigation & Analysis

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