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Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment

JCO provides Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for commercial and industrial clients in accordance with ASTM and EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry due diligence standards. We identify the environmental conditions associated with properties so that informed property transactions can take place.

Site inspections during a Phase I ESA by our experienced professional staff, combined with a thorough review of the history and regulatory status of the property, contribute to formulating an opinion about the risk of liability associated with past releases of hazardous materials. An ESA will identify the likelihood of future cost liability associated with the clean-up of a contaminated site.

We also conduct Phase II and Phase III ESAs to confirm if an impact to soil and/or groundwater has occurred from a release or suspected release. Our personnel obtain soil, water, and/or air samples to quantify the nature of the release, the media affected, the probability of a contaminant migration, and the likely magnitude of potential clean-up requirements.

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