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Ecological Assessment and Habitat Restoration

Ecological Assessment and Habitat Restoration

Ecological Assessment and Habitat Restoration

JCO’s experienced engineers and environmental scientists design and conduct field investigations and ecological assessments to determine existing, as well as potential, impacts to natural resources.

Our investigation techniques include:

  • sediment sampling
  • stream monitoring
  • aquatic plant and benthic invertebrate surveys
  • fish and aquatic vertebrate collection
  • toxicity testing
  • tissue analysis, and
  • quantitative and qualitative natural community analyses.

We use the results to develop environmental impact statements, support natural resource damage assessments, provide the basis for wetland delineation and functional analyses for state and Federal wetlands permits, perform ecological environmental risk assessments, and to apply for environmental permits.

Mitigation and Restoration
We design wetland and habitat restoration projects and develop mitigation plans to restore natural communities affected by contamination or economic development. As part of every project we identify sensitive natural communities at the conceptual and planning stage so that impacts can be minimized and the project completed on time and on budget. Our environmental scientists combine with our engineers to develop bid documents and oversee construction of restoration projects.

Our services can include long-term monitoring and regulatory reporting of the restoration.

Proof of Expertise: Completed Projects and Successes

Valley Forge National Historical Park

National Resource Damage Compensation Site

PCB Contaminated Sediment

Manufactured Gas Plant Superfund Site

JCO Ecological Assessment and Habitat Restoration Experts