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Contaminant Fate & Transport

Contaminant Fate & Transport

Contaminant Fate & Transport

Our clients benefit from the highly specialized expertise JCO has developed in the field of contaminant fate and transport.

Our techniques for conceptualization, visualization, and modeling help us communicate our theories regarding the mechanisms that govern fate and transport of contaminants in a variety of environments.  Adaptive field investigations are used to empirically validate and expand upon our initial theories, to confirm the nature and extent of site contamination, and to provide site-specific data to improve our predictive models.

By combining the conceptual site model with knowledge of site physical characteristics, contaminant data, and hydrogeologic conditions, we define likely contaminant migration pathways, rates of transport, and geochemical transformations. Through this analysis, we evaluate contaminant equilibrium conditions, confirm environmental risk calculations, evaluate the potential for future impacts, and design focused remediations.

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