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Construction Oversight & Management

Construction Oversight & Management

Construction Oversight & Management

JCO field engineers provide on-site construction phase services for remediation, site development, infrastructure, dam, and landfill projects.

Our extensive experience with project implementation translates to accurate, concise and complete contract documents that minimize the potential for change orders. Our design engineers spend time on every construction site to ensure that field conditions are as expected and the construction conforms to the design, and to make in-field design changes that may be required to maximize the effectiveness of the project.

Our construction-phase services include:

  • preparation of construction bid documents, plans, and specifications
  • preparation of permit applications
  • bid solicitation, bid review, and contractor negotiations and administration
  • design-build services
  • construction oversight and inspection services
  • preparation of as-built plans and documents
  • testing and data analysis for construction certification, and
  • compliance reporting to local, state and federal agencies.

Proof of Expertise: Completed Projects and Successes

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