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The JCO team has the expertise and experience to rapidly characterize complex contaminated sites and convert environmental data into a site conceptual model and comprehensive approach that will move the site through the regulatory process to closure.  Here are some of the tools we use to drive the process.
The JCO team leverages years of experience to both design solutions for complex environmental sites and to see the process through to completion.  We successfully work with clients to manage multiple stakeholders including regulatory agencies and contractors to ensure a win-win outcomes.  Below are some of the specific skills and services we use to drive the process.
JCO experts leverage their collective experience to support our clients' planning, research, litigation, mediation and arbitration needs relating to complex contaminated sites and portfolios of contaminated sites.  We bring unmatched tenacity to ensure we uncover the critical facts that will drive a successful outcome.  If necessary, our team has the experience to design and implement forensic investigation programs to collect critical data that will ultimately define allocation or environmental liability. 
JCO staff bring additional talents, experience and passion to our clients environmental needs.  Driving successful outcomes in a complex regulatory setting is always at the core of what we do.