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JCO delivers extensive experience and success in the environmental management of properties that have been designated as brownfield sites. For more than a decade we have helped clients and communities return previously under-utilized properties to the tax base, while revitalizing urban areas.

Each of our clients benefit from our ability to effectively:

  • identify redevelopment strategies for contaminated properties including planning for alternative future uses, mitigation of risks through development design, and use of environmental insurance
  • analyze and identify surface and subsurface contaminants
  • identify and implement cost-effective, flexible remediation plans
  • facilitate local, state and federal permitting, and
  • coordinate and communicate with the various stakeholders.

Our systematic, scientific approach mirrors the EPA-endorsed Triad approach, incorporating cost-saving methods of on-site, real-time analysis of site samples.

We achieve success by:

  • identifying risks associated with desired future property uses
  • addressing risks through redevelopment design, institutional controls, or focused remediation
  • reducing the uncertainty of future environmental liability, and
  • communicating appropriate environmental information to help clients make informed financial decisions about redevelopment

Proof of Expertise: Completed Projects and Successes

Manufactured Gas Plant Superfund Site

JCO Brownfields Experts