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Bettina Longino, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Longino has an extensive background in subsurface fate and transport of DNAPL and dissolved-phase constituents. She has managed project work related to complex sites involving historical use of chlorinated solvents, coal tar, perchlorate, petroleum hydrocarbons, and metals, including manufacturing, wood processing/treating, and historical manufactured gas plant facilities. Her contributions to these projects include overall strategy development, litigation support, design and implementation of field programs for detailed site characterization, conceptual site model development, site-specific screening and implementation of remedial measures, CERCLA-compliant remedial investigation, feasibility study, and remedial action plan preparation, long-term monitoring and remedy performance evaluation, preparation and peer review of technical reports, litigation support, and interaction with regulatory personnel. Throughout her project work, Dr. Longino has established effective working relationships with clients, regulators, consulting and legal professionals, local stakeholders, and the public.

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